Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the reason i come home, my love

According to the ‘official’ dating, I’m five whole weeks today. It’s been a week, seven days since I first found out. Does this ever get old? I still feel like I have butterflies fluttering around my stomach, and still grin like a fool for no reason at all during random points of my day.

I’ve got work, and reading for school, and the house is a wreck, but it just doesn’t seem to matter. We’re having a baby! Who cares about some dirty dishes!

Anyways, I just wanted to add this fluff. I love it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to our little virtual home!

Well here I am. As we've decided to keep the good great amazing news our little secret for a bit longer, I'm here to share details to keep my head from exploding in the meantime. Hopefully once word is out, it will serve as a look back for family and friends to get to join the journey right from the beginning.

Anybody who's been given this link already knows the purpose of our wonderful little blog here, but yes, it's official, those two little lines turned pink, I spent some time chasing Hurley around the house for celebration hugs (Rob wasn't home), and it looks like we'll have a new little one joining us before next Christmas.

Welcome to our journey, enjoy the ride!