Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cleanup and progress

Five weeks, five days. I had a doctors appointment yesterday, completely coincidental, it was just time for my yearly checkup, and they got to stick me and steal about five vials of blood. It's funny how much blood they can take from someone who already has such low blood pressure.

Took a walk around the chi-chi store here afterwards. I bought a 'coupon' for it several weeks ago, where I can get $50 worth of stuff for the $25 I paid, so I wanted to take a look around and see what I might be interested in. At the time we figured we'd probably end up using it as a gift, but I think now I'm going to be greedy. It's most likely to be used for diapers (I'll be able to get essentially a free one) or on wooden toys, since they've got a good selection of melissa and doug and plan toys there. Anyways, it was just exciting to be able to take a look around and think of what we'll need to add to our ever present stash.

We're trying to move forward for our basement renovation plans, and one of the obstacles is getting things out of the basement. We've been trying to sell anything we don't need, but I'm also likely going to bring a bunch of the baby stuff up and start stuffing the closet, for no reason other than to gain space downstairs. It will also force me to clean out the existing stuff in the office/will be nursery. Exciting, but overwhelming! So much to do without even touching on baby related!

Well, I just got an email with my study questions for my exam, so it looks like it's time to get back to business!

Friday, April 1, 2011

little by little, step by step.

I may not have a midwife yet, but I came up with an idea I am super excited about for a birth doula/ photographer. I haven't asked her yet, as well... nobody even knows that we're pregnant, but I'm very excited about the prospect. This person is very supportive of homebirth, they do photography on the side, and the shots I've seen from them are classy and wonderful, without being overly sappy, posed or poorly composed. So exciting!

This is something I've known I wanted for quite a while, but haven't been able to track down any birth photographers whose styles I like, or really any who are comfortable partially acting as a doula if I need as well, and in the best case scenerio my 'person' would be able to do both, with their primary task being to capture all the little memories and moments that I know will slip away from me so quickly.

Cross your fingers with me that this works out!

nonsense stress

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

With today officially being Friday (even though I haven't gone to bed yet...), I'm finding myself starting to get a bit nervous that we haven't heard back from the midwife yet. That's right, we told a stranger before we told all of you. Necessity. Midwives here in Manitoba are extremely hard to aquire, and I don't think it's a secret to many people that I am desperately seeking a homebirth. Thus, my second call to brag about being newly pregnant was to the midwife's office to go through the intake process.
Five or six short questions later, and they tell you they'll send your information to the three other offices in the city as well, and call you within fourteen days. fourteen days! That's an eternity! I don't care if I don't see the midwife for several weeks, but I really really want to know if I have one. Not to mention the handful of questions they asked hardly seems enough to determine if they'll take you on as a client. I mean on paper, it all sounds great, no medical issues, I'm young, no previous pregnancy complications, I have a support person, and I want a homebirth, great!
But then they don't call you back for a week, and I start wondering about the things that could be better. This could be a second pregnancy, with the first one completely healthy and normal with an unmedicated, uncomplicated delivery. I could live 5 minutes from the hospital, and be a runner with extreme endurance and stamina... I could... I could...  it's impossible to go through all the options and scenarios without driving yourself bat crazy.
The reality is, I don't need to worry. I've got another week, I  "present" well, and if nothing else... well then, we'll make it work. But my gosh, this is sure nervewracking in the meantime!