Friday, May 27, 2011

So yes, it is official, we are expecting. 

I'm about 13ish weeks along. We're not announcing due dates because we won't want to be watched like a ticking time bomb. 

Everything is going wonderful so far. I officially found the heartbeat with my doppler yesterday, so that was very exciting. 

I'm extremely, extremely, violently angry because attempting to find a midwife has been a shitload of trouble, and I'm still empty handed. THIRTEEN weeks, and still nothing. There's one practice I haven't heard back from yet, but honestly, they had my intake form eight weeks ago, and still haven't looked at it. So I'm not too hopeful about them. 

I also have called the list of "ok I could deal with this OB because they had semi good reviews"... all like... eight of them. And no one is taking patients. So now I have to go through the list of remaining OB's and determine which one is least likely to kill me (or piss me off during labor so much that I will kill them). 

I haven't ruled out accidently going unassisted at the end, but Rob has. I won't push it, but if it happened, I'd be ok with it. The thought of going to the hospital just makes me cringe still. 

I shall leave you with a photo. The belly has totally popped, and my belly button has been changing shape since about week 8. I'm going to be HUGE, but at least I've barely gained any weight so far, so I'm ok with the belly getting bigger then.