Friday, September 23, 2011

B is for Baby

G is for Girl!

We went for our first ultrasound at around 19 weeks I think. Everything was perfect, baby measured great, healthy, all four chambers of the heart and everything we wanted to hear. And then we asked about the gender, and the tech very quickly told us that baby was in a bad position and she couldn't see anything. (This was after showing us a cross section of the baby's heart, figure THAT one out, will you?) So, we were very disappointed. I'm a planner, you guys know that. And no gender, means that we couldn't make 'real' decisions... like the nursery, and going through the oodles and oodles of hand me downs that have been shuttled our way in the past year. 

Anywho, so... this was disappointing, but- we actually did have another chance, because even though I never would have paid for an entertainment only ultrasound, my sister actually won a gift certificate for one... and thus... off we went at about 26 weeks. This was a much better experience, we actually got pictures and video and all sorts of cutesy shots and peeks at our baby to be. So without further ado... 

< Insert photo of baby girl! that has since been removed >

Don't get me wrong... I realize there is no other way to get that point across... but it feels like such a mean shot to be parading around. Yay! Celebrate! Here's my baby's junk... lol. 

But yes, Baby Girl it is! She's already daddy's princess, and it's funny because in the weeks leading up to the ultrasound, we referred to "it", solely as a girl. After weeks of flip flopping, all of a sudden we were so sure, so when the tech pulled it up, we were like "oh yeah, girl, we knew that". lol. So... in addition to being a very good thing because we couldn't agree on any boy names, it also means baby girl does not need any clothes bought for her for at least the first two years. We have so many clothes, that we actually got to go through them and pick out just the favorites, and have been selling the rest of them through craigslist type venues. And... she's still got some amazingly cute outfits. 

Alas, right now, the nursery is stuffed floor to ceiling with boxes- both baby and nonbaby related, as we're trying to very slowly reno the basement before baby gets here. But it's not happening, so in about a month we're going to have to figure out another option... and then I get to set up the crib, and start finalizing details!