Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long time, no Blog

Alright, so I suppose that fact that it's been months since my last post, and well... that no-one-knows-about baby that this thing is centered around is now almost five months old and sleeping peacefully on my lap, and I never even shared this blog with anyone, would mean that I am teh suck at this blogging thing. Best of intentions people, best of intentions.

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, but our little monster, tagged Tenley Harper, was born November 29, 2011 at 3:22pm. She took after daddy in her length and was 22" long and... 8lb 8oz, bigger than any babies in my family, and certainly bigger than we were expecting! She had a head full of dark hair (though not quite as much as myself when I was born) and crystal blue eyes that have mercifully stayed blue thus far (Please cross your fingers for me!)

Tenley was born naturally after 14.5 hours of labor, no meds, and to mama's excitement, not even an IV. I wholeheartedly credit Rob and my doula Danielle with keeping me positive and pushing through it. I could not have done it without their constant support and love. I've written a full birth story (only took me four months...) that is much too long to be posted here, but suffice to say, I would do it again. Early labor was no big deal at all, and the later stuff... well, although it may have been hard, it flew by. And the cliche is so true- the moment she's in your arms, none of it matters.

The days, weeks and months that have followed have surprised and delighted us like we could not have imagined. We nicknamed Tenley "princess" in utero, and claimed that she was already making it known to us that it would be her way or the highway, and she has been proving that true since the very first hours. After a brief calm before the storm settle in period, Tenley spent her first few weeks protesting loudly anytime we even thought about putting her down. Bedtimes and naptimes became mommy and daddy cuddle times, with us passing her off every time she awoke, so the other could grab a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. By about three weeks old, I was actually quite a pro at falling asleep sitting up, or in the weirdest positions imaginable, all in the name of peace and quiet.

But, when they say 'this too shall pass', they mean it, and finally, little girl was sleeping in her bassinet for night time sleep (while still enjoying cuddles during daytime sleep) and waking every few hours to eat and snuggle. Ahhh, sleep again! We've since 'settled' into a completely unpredictable pattern of starting sleep in her crib, and then coming into the bassinet or bed with us sometime during the night. Twice, she has slept the whole night through in her crib (other than feeding), and though the sleep was glorious, I will quietly admit that it's lonely without her in the room!

In addition to very picky sleep needs, we also found out Tenley had infant reflux around six weeks old, and several things fell into place. Suddenly there was a reason for our little one's fussiness, need to eat -all- the time, and the random high pitched shrieking fits, often coming in the middle of what seemed like a deep sleep. We've spent the time since trying to find the best balance of treatment for the reflux, and have finally settled on a combination of parenting behaviors, as well as her Hazelwood necklace (and Daddy will let you know it keeps Tigers away too!), probiotics every day, and finally, a course of Zantac. We are slowly weaning her off the Zantac now after two months on it, and -knock on wood-, we've been able to decrease the dose from 2ml a day down to .7 a day with no return in symptoms yet. We will keep decreasing until the symptoms return, and hopefully should be off the meds entirely by the end of May.

And that, my friends, should leave you pretty much caught up to the story as it stands. It's a wild ride, but I wouldn't trade this life for anything.