Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm reminded this morning that life stays in balance. We had a hard day yesterday, baby girl wouldn't (couldn't) nap, was fussy, irritable and all around unpleasant.

Then she slept last night for over six. hours. straight.

That never happens. Like she's 5 months old, and that's only maybe the third time. How ironic that it happens when she's sick. I think the lack of naps yesterday meant her body was just too tired to wake up to eat.

And this morning, she's a smiling, (albeit bleary eyed and still sick), little angel. We decided it was a pj's day (which also never happens- she has so much clothing that I make a point to get her 'dressed' every single day), so we went and had a nice long hot shower to clear out her nose, and then we both got dressed into our jammies again and have been cuddling on the couch. Sometimes the joy in life is the simple things.

That, and I prepared dinner for tonight last night, so I only have to put it in the oven, and we're good to go. Knowing I'll have a full belly later on makes mama a happy girl.