Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summertime in the City

Every year I forget how much I love summer until I get to spend my first really warm day outside. It may have only been 20 degrees, but today felt like that day.

I've spent the last three days in a row taking an afternoon walk with Tenley in the stroller, and it's definitely good for both of us. We both benefit from the fresh air and the change in scenery. Tenley gets to explore her neighborhood, and I get a tiny bit of exercise. I'm up to just over 2 miles a day, but I'd like to double that by the end of summer. Easy peasy. Especially in this weather, when you want so badly to be outside.

It's so nice to take the walk, and then come back to the house, spread a blanket on the grass and be able to watch Tenley explore grass and leaves, and the sun(!) for the first time. She loves the feeling of the grass on her hands, and will pat it tentatively for 5-10 minutes before tiring.

We even had our first outside nursing today! What an accomplishment. It only gets harder as she gets older, and more wiggly, but lying outside in the gorgeous sunshine, nursing your smiley baby is a pretty good feeling. Multi-tasking-- feeding the little one, AND getting a sun tan!

Cross your fingers the weather holds out for us. I'm hoping to keep up with 5 days a week all summer long. I suspect we'll have to change to morning walks later on when the days heat up even more, but we'll supplement with some pool time in the afternoon. I can't wait!