Friday, May 25, 2012

This is why I use cloth.

That'll teach me to put a sposie on. 

I've been wondering the past little while if Tenley is so uneasy at night because we have to bulk up her cloth so much to avoid leaks that she can't lay comfortably (ie her legs are pretty spread, and it makes it harder to roll around smoothly too). So, I put a sposie on her tonight. 

She went down at 8ish, like normal, and usually the diaper will hold until about 6am, and then she leaks through sometime between 6-8am, though recently thankfully this has been less (I think because we started EC'ing, and she's holding it because she knows she'll get pottied as soon as she wakes up). Anyways, so bedtime tonight at 8, and then I did a quick feed at about 10, and then at midnight I did another good solid feed, unlatched her, and just as I was about to stand up and put her back down, I feel her tense, push, and then I feel pee running down my legs, and hear it hitting the floor! She peed right through her (already completely soaked) diaper, so badly that there was literally a puddle on the floor, on top of having a soaked sleeper, and my legs and underwear being soaked from it. 

Good news is, I woke Rob up, and we managed to completely change her diaper and sleeper (twice actually, because the first one I chose was too small- urg), and get her floor cleaned up, all with her sleeping through it. And now she's back in bed sleeping soundly.

Copied and pasted from elsewhere because it was too good not to share!... I promise an update soon (ish) with what the heck I mean by "EC"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

nom nom

I apologize for the lack of updates. Sleep has been scarce around here lately, and mama is spending her free time dozing in between rounds of ABC’s and let’s see how many cups we can stack.

I’m amazed at how little sleep a baby can get by on. They’re making so many developmental leaps at this age, I can’t understand how she’s not sleeping 22 hours a day! But alas, teething has hit the house full force, and I think we’re averaging about 8 hours a night right now (or should I say, she is, I’m getting more like 6). On days that I’m very, very lucky she’ll have about 2.5 hours worth of naps, but most days it’s 2-3 20 minute naps and she’s up and raring to go again! Much sooner than I’m ready anyways!

But, it’s worth it. She’s learning so many new things right now, that I think her brain is just too busy to go to sleep! She wakes up crying in the middle of the night, and I go in and find her rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, willing herself to go forward. Sometimes she does, but it’s usually the propulsion of her head into the bars of her crib. Ouch!

Aside from getting up to hands and knees, and working on her two bottom teeth, Tenley has also starting experimenting with food. We’re focusing on Baby-Led Solids with her, which is a fancy way of saying we’re skipping purees and going straight to ‘real’ food. We watch for signs of readiness, and she’s slowly starting to gnaw on foods that she can’t swallow (big fan of carrots, apples and rhubarb), and also some smaller pieces on her tray that she can pick up and eat (pancake, egg yolks and potato). She’s still at the stage where sucking on the big pieces, and attempting to get the small ones into her mouth are occupying her, and she’s not so impressed when one does manage to slip past her lips and tries to go down her throat. But- it’s all a learning experience. And allowing her to feed herself and put only the pieces that she’s able to get to her mouth, into her mouth, decreases the chances of choking, as she’s the one in control. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

home sweet home

Ta Daaa!  Miss Tenley is 5 months, 1 week old, but we're finally making progress on her room! While we got things like the crib set up and then closet organized prior to her making her arrival, we were still waiting on all the fun things that make it a room fit for the princess she has declared herself.

It's not what I would consider done, but I'm happy with the results so far!

We chose this color grey (actually called Surreal Blue) for the room when we moved in, having used it in a previous space and knowing we loved it. It started out as our office, and we knew it would be a good base color to one day build a nursery off of. It was nice not to have to repaint!  The flooring in there was also changed during our initial renovations, so no big changes there.

Welcome to Chez Tenley!

The room was sort of built around the crib choice. I wanted something modern and very simple, that wasn't full of chemicals that baby would one day enjoy chewing on. I was lucky to be saved some legwork, as the folks behind chose this line when looking for their daughter's crib, and pronounced it green and baby friendly (It's made from sustainable wood, all non-toxic parts, is solidly built and has no moving pieces). We ended up going with the BabyMod Modena crib, from Walmart in the States, which came up at $200. 

I'm very happy with it. It went together very easily, seems pretty sturdy, and the clean lines make our teeny tiny room look bigger. With the mattress at the current height, there's also tons of room underneath, which we're using for extra toy storage. 

We were lucky enough to have Rob's mom make the crib sheet (and sheets for the pack and play) for us. We were able to choose our own material, for about $15, and she whipped it up for us. The crib skirt was a joint effort by Rob and I. It cost a whopping $4, and I didn't have to pick up a single needle or thread. It covers just the one side, but that was enough for us!

I -love- the pattern of these sheets, but it is so hard to capture properly!

With such a tiny room, we really wanted to make the most of the space we had. Last year we installed a Rubbermaid Closet organizer, which thankfully freed up the space a dresser would have required. This left us just enough space for a rocker and a custom made book/toy shelf in the other half of the room. (The tall white shelf in the background is simply a figment of your imagination until it finds its permanent home in the garbage). 

The glider and ottoman were great finds, and though they still need to be recovered, we've already made great use of them! The glider was picked up for $75 two blocks away from our house, and then Ottoman (which will be sanded and painted white, and then reupholstered along with the chair) was $10.50, won from Auction Wars Winnipeg. Not bad, considering the set I originally planned on purchasing was $400!

The bookshelf was loving made by Rob, based on a design from I believe the materials ended up costing about $60. It fits perfectly into the room, and I'm so glad to have a solid wood piece, rather than something flimsy. She'll have this for years to come, and I'm already excited to use a pinterest idea, and turn it into a dollhouse one day!

And of course, we added personal touches on top. The bank came from Fairmont well wishers, and the elephant toy came with Tenley's first flowers- matches the room perfectly. The frame was an old one that fit the room too perfectly to move! 

Our $10 artwork is also a big hit with Tenley, who loves to stare up at them when she's supposed to be nursing or going to bed. A couple dollar store canvases, spray paint, and you got it- pinterest again- and we had the perfect touch of pink to add to the grey walls. 

And of course, there's the fun touches like this $4 pillow we randomly found a few days ago. It looks like it was made for the room!

As I said, there's still changes planned, namely reupholstering the glider and ottoman, removing the tall white shelf, and making and hanging the tissue paper balls that will one day live above the glider. But for now, Tenley doesn't seem to mind!