Friday, May 25, 2012

This is why I use cloth.

That'll teach me to put a sposie on. 

I've been wondering the past little while if Tenley is so uneasy at night because we have to bulk up her cloth so much to avoid leaks that she can't lay comfortably (ie her legs are pretty spread, and it makes it harder to roll around smoothly too). So, I put a sposie on her tonight. 

She went down at 8ish, like normal, and usually the diaper will hold until about 6am, and then she leaks through sometime between 6-8am, though recently thankfully this has been less (I think because we started EC'ing, and she's holding it because she knows she'll get pottied as soon as she wakes up). Anyways, so bedtime tonight at 8, and then I did a quick feed at about 10, and then at midnight I did another good solid feed, unlatched her, and just as I was about to stand up and put her back down, I feel her tense, push, and then I feel pee running down my legs, and hear it hitting the floor! She peed right through her (already completely soaked) diaper, so badly that there was literally a puddle on the floor, on top of having a soaked sleeper, and my legs and underwear being soaked from it. 

Good news is, I woke Rob up, and we managed to completely change her diaper and sleeper (twice actually, because the first one I chose was too small- urg), and get her floor cleaned up, all with her sleeping through it. And now she's back in bed sleeping soundly.

Copied and pasted from elsewhere because it was too good not to share!... I promise an update soon (ish) with what the heck I mean by "EC"