Sunday, September 16, 2012

fluffy stuff

Ok, so when I start talking about my diapers (as I am bound to do...) I know I often start confusing people. And I get it! There's a lot of options and details and diapers have changed a LOT from the old folding and pins and plastic covers that people think about. So, I decided to finally sit down and do a bit of an instructional on us and our diapers.

Enjoy :)

These are the four kinds of diapers I currently have in the house. The top two were graciously donated by companies for use as samples with my doula clients. The bottom two are the brand that I personally use. Top Left: Bummis Cover and Prefold. Top Right: Motherease Wizard Duo diaper with snap in insert. Bottom Left: AMP One Size Duo with bamboo insert. Bottom Right: AMP Large AI2 with bamboo insert.

Here you can see all of the diapers open, the way they would look when you put them onto the baby's bum. With the Bummis, you can see the prefold- With mine, I just trifold it (ie- fold it in threes), and lay it inside the diaper. If you fold it 'properly' and snappi it (that's what replaced pins), then it holds more poop in, but I couldn't be bothered. If she pooped, I changed the cover. In general though- you re-use the cover for several diaper changes, and the inside of the cover is wipeable- so you just wipe it out, put a different prefold in, and you're good to go!

Motherease- this one has a weird insert inside that I don't know what the material is. It snaps into the outside shell though, so that you could change it each time, but it seemed nice that it wouldn't move around. And no folding. 

The AMP one size duo- At the bottom of this diaper, you can see that there's a pocket opening. You choose the kind of insert you want, and push it into that opening. OR you can lay it on top of the cover like the AI2 (See next description). In this picture, I have stuffed it inside the pocket. Sitting against the baby's skin is a very soft microfleece layer. This layer also wicks moisture away from baby's skin, so they don't feel wet. 

The last diaper- the Large AI2, you can see how the insert just lays on top of the cover. It has the same microfleece layer as the Duo beside it, but no pocket option, so the insert must be laid on top. I like having the microfleece, rather than a wipe-clean cover, because I find it helps to "catch" any messes that might otherwise make their way to the edge of the diaper. When used as an AI2, these diapers are like using a cover with separate insert-- in other words, I get to reuse the cover several times- just change the insert out for a clean one, and keep going. This helps to cut down on laundry, and you get more wear out of your cover. In theory you could save money too, since you would need less covers (around 10, as opposed to the 24-30 diapers most people recommend having). Of course, I say in theory, because most people end up like me-- addicted to cloth diapers, and buying more than they need to anyways!

This picture shows what each other the top covers looks like under the insert, and also shows the easy folding of the bamboo insert (which is the same way you would trifold a prefold.)

A picture of the trifolded bamboo insert inside the pocket diaper. 

This is a better comparison between AMPs One Size and their sized diapers. At these snap settings, these diapers will fit the same size range, about 15lbs-35lbs. 

Here you can see that the one size diaper also has a rise that snaps down, so that it fits much smaller sizes. There are two settings, and this one is the smaller. Because it snaps down, diaper on the left fits from 7-35lbs. We've tested it from 9lbs, and had a perfect fit! 

And of course in my diaper entry, I have to show a cute tush! Tenley is modeling an AMP One Size Duo in "Wee Trunks" :)