Saturday, September 8, 2012

our days and nights.

I started reading Mayim Bialik's book "Beyond the Sling" last night. I'm only a few pages in (such is life with a babe!) but I'm liking it so far. I wanted to take a moment to save a few of my favorite passages so far.

So what is Attachment Parenting really about? ...

... It should be noted that no one does all eight perfectly, nor do you have to subscribe to all of them to benefit from these principles. These are simply guidelines that can serve as a jumping off place for your decision making. There are families who differ in many aspects of these principles, and there are no "attachment police" who revoke your membership if they catch your child asleep in his own bed. In addition, attachment parenting is not, contrary to popular belief, a parenting style just for people who are wealthy or who are at-home parents, nor is it for people with an abnormal or superhuman amount of patience. It is for people from all walks of life who seek to parent gently and who believe that an independent adult is one who was allowed to form a healthy dependence and attachment to her caregiver in the formative years. 

I do not claim to have the formula for raising the perfect child. My kids are flawed and they make plenty of mistakes, as do I. My kids are not always polite, patient, clean, wise and quiet; nor am I, for that matter. If there were a formula for raising the quietest/happiest/gentlest/easiest/best/sweetest/most generous and polite child, it would have been figured out thousand of years ago, and we would all be following it and getting the same results. Every parent is different, every baby is different, and children are more the products of family and societal dynamics than of one particular style of parenting.

What I can offer you are stories about what our days and nights are like, why we choose to do it this way, and what we see as the benefits for us, our kids, and our community and beyond. 

I love that quote, and I think I'm going to use it as a bit of a jumping off point to get this blog going again. I don't have answers, but I do have stories. And sometimes it's just fun to tell them.