Wednesday, March 13, 2013

hairs did... sort of

I'm back finally! With a totally non-parenting related post :P

My workplace is lucky enough to semi frequently make arrangements with local business for free or discounted products. Just recently we got an offer for a free cut and color at the local Aveda school. Super exciting since I'm well... super cheap. I don't get my hair done nearly as often as I should or would like, because it's just too expensive to keep up with!

Back to the point. So I showed up today, super excited, for my 1:30 appointment. Part of the catch is that your hair is being done by students. No biggie. I'm not a perfectionist. I asked if they would do highlights etc, or just a main color. She said she could do the highlights and main color, but there would be an additional fee. No biggie, since we were already getting a great deal. I showed her the pictures of what I wanted, she showed me a picture of what she thought a good base color would be and off we went!

This is the base color she showed me:

These are some of the samples of highlights I showed her:

This is the final product... 

Mmmm hmmmm. I'm not really sure either. Don't get me wrong. She did a good job. It looks way better than the botchy box dye job I had. That said... I said I wanted something light and summery, with lots of highlights. I think my hair may be darker than when I went in there. So... yes. I'm a little surprised. And again, it looks good, it's just... not what I thought I was getting. 

Anyways... the main point, was that my appointment was at 1:30pm. They did take me right away, it's not like I waited a long time. And yet... they didn't start rinsing my hair until 4:30pm. Yup, it took THREE hours for them to highlight and dye my hair. And the last hour of it almost, there were two girls working on it. As you can see, my hair isn't super thick or long. Then they rinsed, and the place closes at 5pm, so they rushed my haircut- didn't even cut my bangs (She asked if I wanted them done, and I started to say i couldn't decide if I wanted to grow them out or keep them, and she pretty much cut me off and was like "Ok, well if you decide you want them cut, it's free to come back!" and then kept going.). It was like a 12 minute haircut. Crazy. 

And... I tried to run my fingers through my hair at the nape of my neck and was like ugh! What is that? Thought it was built up product. Then realized they only put spray in, nothing that would be that thick. Finally I asked Rob to look at it, and take a washcloth and kind of wipe some of it out-- washcloth came back full of suds and dye. Apparently they didn't wash it all out properly when they rinsed my hair. Blah. 

Went and Paid, and the total "would be" price was $135. That's the "discounted" price for having a student do it. Craazzzzzzy! I "only" pay around $170 to get it done at my normal salon (which is also Aveda), by a stylist who has been working for like... 15 years plus! 

So... yes. 3.5 hours later... no surprise, I get outside, and I've got a freaking parking ticket. Yay. Wonderful end to the whop whop of a day. 

Thanks for listening to my whiny girl problems. That is all.