Friday, May 30, 2014

Oh hey

I'm officially the worst blogger ever. 

I would have to be, considering *this* is happening in two weeks give or take, and I've been putting off writing an entry about it for... oh 7 months or so. 

There's really no good excuse, it just happens. Life is busy being pregnant and having a toddler at home. Especially one who is 2 going on 20. This little lady thinks she knows everything, and sometimes I'm not so sure she doesn't! 

Anyways, I am going to try try try to update more often, especially once baby is here. I can't promise it'll be super regular, but I might just try to post photos and quick blurbs. Better than nothing! 

So, for starters... Baby number two is set to make an appearance sometime in June, although mama is hoping sooner rather than later! We're all cleared for a homebirth this time, and have a fabulous midwife, so I'm feeling really positive about things. Everything is set up and ready, and now we're just waiting for baby to let us know it's time! 

Also, since we're playing catchup- baby number two will be brother number one! Tenley is over the moon about "baby brudder" and can't wait until he's here and she can lavish him with love. We're doing a lot of talking about personal space, and hoping some of it kicks in before he gets here! 

And with that, I'm off! Will try to update as soon as I can after he's born!